• Transforming Contingent Workforce Management

    The world’s most tenured purely neutral managed services (MSP) combined with best-in-class vendor management software (VMS)

Our Integrated Solution

Our unique approach seamlessly integrates our managed services solutions and vendor management system to create a comprehensive workforce management solution.

Managed Service Provider

We pioneered the purely vendor-neutral managed service provider model and continue to innovate the space today.

Vendor Management System

Our award-winning SaaS-based Wand VMS platform provides clients with the first true native mobile VMS.

Purely Vendor-Neutral Contingent Workforce Management

PRO Unlimited is a pioneer in contingent workforce management, laying the foundation with the launch of independent contractor misclassification and co-employment risk management services in 1991. PRO followed this with industry-first managed service provider (MSP) and vendor management system (VMS) offerings. And the innovation has continued throughout the years.

In a solutions space that has become increasingly crowded over the past few years, PRO’s unique contingent workforce management approach stands out.  These include:

  • First, our purely vendor-neutral, global model enables clients to manage international contingent labor spend underneath one consolidated umbrella.
  • Second, our integrated MSP and VMS approach gives clients a single point of contact that delivers better business outcomes than disaggregated contingent workforce management solutions where the MSP and VMS are two separate vendors.
  • Third, as our contingent workforce management solution includes self-sourcing, clients can leverage their brands to attract top contingent talent.
  • Finally, PRO’s executive management team is the most tenured in the industry, with decades of experience in how to gain optimal business outcomes from contingent labor programs while managing risks.

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Innovations in Vendor Management Systems: Part 4

February 22, 2017
Here is Part 4 of our blog series on “Innovations in Vendor Management Systems (VMS).”  The Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) held a briefing with PRO’s Ted Sergott, Executive Vice President of Product Development about our VMS, Wand. Below is SIG’s assessment of Wand; specifically in the areas of  Preferred Talent, Analytics, and Mobile. We will be closing out our series with Part 5 this week! In case you missed any of the other posts including Part 1, Part 2, and/or Part 3 be sure to give them a read. Advances in Preferred Talent, Analytics, and Mobile Technology Preferred Talent The PRO “YS Talent Network” is a client-specific talent pool containing self-identified, client-approved workers. Managers invite workers to their Talent Network by sending them an email with a link to the portal. The Worker logs on, uploads their resume which is parsed into a profile. They can edit their profile and add appropriate information such as availability, rates, and prior work history at the client. Once approved as a potential candidate, the candidate can search and apply for contingent labor jobs just as the hiring manager can search the YS Talent Network for top candidates. These freelancers appear as potential candidates during the Create Request process. When searching, a hiring manager is shown these individuals along with their cost savings as compared to supplier candidates. Interview scheduling is performed between the candidate and manager through the application. On/Off boarding dashboards are provided showing the status of every candidate in process. The candidates provide desired rates and managers can post a rate range if desired. Any negotiations are performed by the MSP or hiring manager. Analytics The PRO platform leverages advanced BI features for both tactical and strategic decision making. Key features include: 1) Wand’s MRM, the real-time market rate module embedded into the Create Request workflow (unlike PRO’s competitors), 2) the Wand Discovery BI platform, the view designed for executives, sponsors or their delegates, 3) PRO’s exclusive SAM (Strategy, Analytics, and Metrics) package, the support from a named analyst provided to the Client to build customized dashboards. These SAM analysts have vertical-specific expertise and engage the Client’s C-suite and their delegates to understand their key business drivers. Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics are provided in dashboards by leveraging the underlying data and algorithms, and are served concierge-style to these key leaders. Examples include global Total Talent Management as well as PRO’s recommendation on the location of a Client’s IT division. The Wand platform contains numerous dashboards and reports out-of-the box. Users can create customized reports using any data. Reports can be scheduled and shared. Wand provides industry-specific benchmarks for key data including rates by role by location, time-to-fill, length of service, and many other metrics. Mobile PRO’s Wand Mobile’s 100% native apps have an extensive list of features with hundreds of screens. Swiping, tapping, typing, and speaking are all utilized. Hiring managers can view their entire workforce from their phone and easily see all their action items from the home screen. With a swipe or tap

PRO Unlimited Joins Cloud Security Alliance

February 17, 2017
PRO just announced that we have joined the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), the world’s premier organization dedicated to defining and raising awareness of best practices to help ensure a secure cloud computing environment. For over 26 years, we have been recognized as the leading innovator delivering purely vendor-neutral Vendor Management Software (VMS) and Managed Services Programs (MSP) helping  companies safely source, manage and track contingent workers/indirect services providers (SOW engagements) in over 80 countries. Having delivered the industry’s first omni channel secure cloud based Wand VMS with fully native mobile apps for iPhone, Android, Tablets and the Apple Watch, PRO is aligned with CSA members who are committed to assuring the protection of critical client data. Ted Sergott, PRO’s EVP of Product Development, said, “There is natural synergy since a number of CSA members are also current PRO clients who deploy the Wand VMS and are already familiar with the high standards we place on security.” Lastly, Jim Reavis CEO of Cloud Security Alliance stated, “We welcome PRO Unlimited as our first cloud based VMS provider and are looking forward to the unique perspectives they will bring as it relates to managing a secure global contingent workforce.” If you or a member of your team would benefit from a further discussion on how PRO is helping companies implement winning contingent workforce management programs globally, please contact a PRO representative at 800.291.1099 or email at info@prounlimited.com.   Disclaimer: The content in this blog post is for informational purposes only and cannot be construed as specific legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. The blog post reflects the opinion of PRO Unlimited and is not to be construed as legal solutions and positions. Contact an attorney for specific advice and guidance for specific issues or questions.  

Innovations in Vendor Management Systems: Part 3

February 14, 2017
For those of you who have been reading our series on “Innovations in Vendor Management Systems (VMS)” Part 3 is here! This week, we are taking a look at how the Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) evaluated PRO’s Wand, VMS User Experience and Integration capabilities. We only have two posts left in this series – be sure to check back soon! Missed Part 1 or Part 2? No worries, you can easily catch up by a simple click of the mouse. Two Areas of a VMS that Matter User Experience For PRO, the overall User Experience combined with robust, useful functionality ultimately drives user engagement and adoption. Extensive user research determined that the functionality most often used by managers is request creation, candidate review, and time/expense approval. This user research is then combined with the Design team’s core principles of Usability, Mobility, Analytics, and Consumerism. The Wand UI is very intuitive and action driven. It tells the manager what to do next. It is also contextual where actions are identified only if appropriate. The award-winning Mobile apps allow managers and workers to engage with the VMS anytime, anywhere which drives acceptance in a program. Extensive intuitive dashboards include all aspects of candidates, existing workforce, rates, dates, spend, compliance, and status. Two separate platforms are available. The core Wand platform has Operational and Transactional real-time data. The Wand Discovery BI platform is designed for executives, client sponsors, or their delegates to manage their program on any KPI or Metric desired. Customized dashboards contain all global data. Within three clicks, a user can drill down to the transaction level. For example, the Global Spend Dashboard contains the overall global spend displayed in any KPI or Metric. Three clicks later, a user can see an individual contractor’s rate, supplier, and length of service. To support candidate management, the Wand platform utilizes an advanced Parsing Engine to deconstruct all job descriptions and resumes. The engine creates a Candidate Profile in Wand. For supplier candidates, the supplier can edit the profile if necessary. For the YS (Your Source) Talent Network, the candidates themselves can edit their profile. When a manager is looking for candidates, the advanced Wand Search & Match technology uses sophisticated algorithms to determine the best match. The Manager sees a dashboard containing the highest percent matches at the top. New market data is provided real-time in the Wand platform as it becomes available. Client Sponsors can use this information to modify the configurable controls they have in place about maximum rate per role (e.g., warning, error, or routing for approval with justification). Wand tracks and measures all historical rate behavior and provides predictive analytics on the future of the market. Many clients also import employee data in Wand Discovery and perform global Total Talent Management on where and what percent of their human capital will be contingent. Wand provides extensive alerts, notifications and messages to its users to optimize their time in the system. The most beneficial notifications are on mobile devices for the iPhone, Android

Innovations in Vendor Management Systems: Part 2

February 2, 2017
As promised, here is part two of the Innovations in Vendor Management Systems (VMS) Technology Report. As noted in our previous blog post (Part 1), Sourcing Industry Group’s (SIG) analysts evaluated PRO Unlimited’s VMS, Wand in their industry landscape report. In this week’s post, we will look at how PRO stacked up in the areas of Consumerization, Configuration, Decision Guides for Worker Classifications, and International Support. Here is SIG’s assessment of PRO’s VMS, Wand. Check back for the third post next week! Vendor Management System Advancements Consumerization of User Experience A systems adoption is the single most important indicator of its success. If people use it, depend on in and don’t try to work around it, the system will be considered a success. If you look at VMS today, it’s the user experience that drives adoption. There are some creative innovations in this area and most originate from other popular consumer software. PRO focused on the top 3 actions; creating requests, reviewing candidates, and approving time & expenses PRO considers their UI as an “Amazon-like” experience, requiring fewer clicks and offering quick ways to jump to other transactions Flexible Configuration of all Fields Earlier versions of the VMS had some difficult limitations in configuration. It seemed like every customer had a different requirement for nomenclature, branding, definitions and business rules. Almost every implementation required lengthy customizations and even then, each department or manager felt their specific needs were not being met. Today’s VMS has made it easy to configure virtually every field of data. When PRO makes enhancements, they evaluate how the functionality can be leveraged as a standard configuration for all clients to use. One customer asked them to design an applicant portal for source their own temps. Once it was completed they offered it to all customers and it’s used by the general public. Decision Guides for Accurate Worker Classifications This innovation is not any less important especially as it relates to the huge exposure to legal risk that a misclassified worker can present. When a manager is preparing to hire a worker it isn’t always obvious what type of worker they may need; FTE, Temp, Independent Contractor, Consultant on an SOW or a freelancer. The PRO platform has embedded business intelligence, so when a user clicks on the “Help me Decide” button depending on the answers to key questions the tool will recommend the best engagement model. International PRO Unlimited receives requests for foreign language translations to support clients’ specific business needs. These requests are handled through a monthly release process for quick and efficient delivery of applicable Wand user interface, report header, and email notifications. All translations are coordinated with a third-party vendor that is responsible for completing translation requests and validating all are done in proper, accurate context. PRO’s Product Development QA resources then validate that all translations appear properly within Wand and conform to prescribed aesthetics. For currency requirements, a conversion multiplier is used with bill rates and displayed throughout the sourcing process, approval routing and reports.