Global Shoe and Apparel Manufacturer Adopts a Purely Vendor-Neutral and Integrated MSP/VMS Model

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This global shoe and apparel manufacturer faced several significant contingent workforce program challenges with its previous Managed Service Provider (MSP). Vendor-biased practices resulting in supplier resistance, a lack of program adoption by hiring managers, and several others caused the manufacturer to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and ultimately decided to partner with PRO Unlimited.

After transitioning to PRO’s integrated MSP and Vendor Management System (VMS) platform, the company experienced tremendous cost-saving wins including:

  • $12 million in annualized savings
  • $2 million in savings driven by client-sourced contract labor re-engagement strategy (PRO’s YourSource)

Not only was there a significant increase in savings, but an overall surge in manager satisfaction and talent quality by 95%. In fact, PRO’s model led to a 300% increase in program adoption. PRO’s approach was also successful in streamlining the on/off boarding process of workers while obtaining 100% compliance with security procedures. Lastly, PRO’s services helped mitigate risks while engaging the most highly qualified and cost effective contract talent.

If you or a member of your team would benefit from a further discussion on how PRO can help you with your contingent workforce management program, please contact a PRO representative at 800.291.1099 or email at

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