What Is a Vendor Management System (VMS), and Why Use It?

As the contingent workforce continues to grow, accounting for a larger share of total employment year after year, businesses are seeking ways to better manage these workers. But for many companies, contingent labor programs still operate in myriad silos, and organizations lack visibility across them.

In our new data sheet, “What Is a VMS, and Why Use It?” you’ll learn how an industry-leading Vendor Management System can help a business tear down these silos, provide enterprise-wide transparency, and effectively manage contingent workers across the entire worker lifecycle. Topics include:

  • What you can do with a top-tier VMS
  • How a VMS helps solve common business challenges
  • Key benefits of employing a leading-edge VMS
  • Unique Wand VMS capabilities that help clients achieve their goals

Check out the data sheet and discover how you can use an industry-leading VMS such as PRO Unlimited’s Wand to drive unprecedented contingent workforce management success.


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