Win the War for Talent with an Integrated Contingent Workforce Management Model

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Contingent Workforce Management — what is the right approach? We sought out to answer that question in which many of the world’s Fortune 1000 companies are trying to figure out behind closed doors. We collaborated with HRO Today and their research team to publish a paper titled, “Win the war for talent in the 21st century with a purely vendor-neutral and integrated contingent workforce Managed Services Program (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) model.” The paper includes some great practitioner perspectives from executives at Novartis, a $49 billion healthcare company. It also includes insights from suppliers including Zenith Talent about the purely vendor-neutral model.

The Contingent Workforce Management Landscape

U.S. businesses are using greater percentages of contingent workers to meet their staffing needs. More importantly, organizations that manage contingent labor effectively will find themselves in a better position to win the war for talent.

The recognized best practice for managing a contingent workforce is a MSP using a VMS. In the past, companies have picked a staffing firm to manage the contingent labor program. However, a new best practice has emerged: a purely vendor-neutral and integrated MSP/VMS program model for managing the contingent workforce.

When technology and service providers are completely aligned, they can achieve program stabilization sooner; communication challenges between separate providers are non-existent, and critical business decisions can be made faster. This directly results in greater program efficiencies, better cost-control, and a more clearly defined risk mitigation strategy.

This white paper highlights how a purely vendor-neutral, integrated MSP and VMS model helps companies successfully identify, source, track and manage professional contingent workers across the enterprise and around the world.

Download the paper here.

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