PRO Unlimited’s Top 5 Contingent Workforce Management Resources of 2018

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In 2018, PRO Unlimited published dozens of white papers, case studies, podcasts, infographics, data sheets and more aimed at helping organizations optimize their contingent workforce management.

Here are the top 5 most viewed pieces of collateral from the past year – we hope they inspire new ideas and approaches as you’re managing your contingent workforce in 2019 and beyond!

5) “Analytics and Contingent Workforce Management: 7 Real-World Success Stories” (white paper)

Your organization probably has access to plenty of data, but actually harnessing it is a whole different challenge. Read about seven leading companies who have used workforce data to drive actionable intelligence in areas such as enhancing workforce visibility, improving worker retention, minimizing unnecessary overtime, and much more.

4) “SOW Management: How to effectively drive unmatched value and savings with a proven MSP” (fact sheet)

Procurement professionals are often too short on resources to optimally manage all the projects coming through the pipeline. Check out this fact sheet and discover how a Managed Services Provider (MSP) can help with SOW management in areas such as accurate rate benchmarking, active renegotiation of extensions, and more.

3) “7 Contingent Workforce Questions That Wand VMS Can Help You Answer” (white paper)

Which areas of the requisition process can we tweak to improve time to fill? What engagement type and location will yield the best worker quality for the lowest cost? Are we paying competitive rates for contingent workers? Discover how a leading-edge VMS can help answer critical questions like these.

2) “Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Contingent Workforce Management” (white paper)

In 2018, artificial intelligence and its impact on both the personal and professional worlds was a hot topic, and this was true of contingent workforce management as well. Several of our AI-related pieces, including this fact sheet and this podcast, ranked among our most popular content pieces in 2018, but this white paper was the most viewed of the bunch.

1) “Company Deploys Self-Sourcing Strategy Resulting in $1.6M in Savings in Five Months” (case study)

The concept of self-sourcing has been a hot topic in contingent workforce management for a while now – see our related infographic for more – but what about real-world application? Learn how this organization achieved major wins through self-sourcing, and then use their example as a jumping-off point for your own program.

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