Wand VMS Named Finalist in Two Categories at 2018 World Procurement Awards

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We’re thrilled to announce that PRO Unlimited’s Wand VMS has been named a finalist in the “Best New Procurement Technology” and “Best P2P Specialist Provider” categories at the 2018 World Procurement Awards. Specifically, the judges recognized Wand’s strengths in SOW management, mobile (Wand Mobile), reporting and analytics (Wand Discovery), and self-sourcing (Wand Talent Network).

The awards, which take place in London, represent the best procurement organizations, people and projects across the world. They reward the joint efforts of individuals and teams and are a confirmation of the innovation, dedication and hard work of those at the forefront of this evolving global profession.

In a nutshell, PRO’s award-winning Wand VMS enables managers and program owners to effectively manage all aspects of their contingent workforce supply chain, including but not limited to:

  • Procuring these workers from staffing suppliers, including scheduling interviews
  • Self-sourcing with Wand’s Private Talent Network module
  • Reviewing analytics and reporting with the Wand Discovery module
  • Handling timecard and billing management
  • Rating workers and offboarding

Here’s a look at how PRO helps users in two areas highlighted in the 2018 World Procurement Awards:

SOW Project Management

Many businesses have SOW spend and management spread over multiple systems, most of which are ill-fitted to manage it. In shortlisting PRO in the “Best P2P Specialist Provider” category, the World Procurement Awards recognized how Wand’s powerful technology offers businesses the opportunity to centralize SOW management under a VMS. Here, they can requisition, manage and track both project supplies and consultants in one platform.

New project-related capabilities recently introduced in Wand include, but are not limited to:

  • Adobe eSignature Integration – Provides a streamlined approval process for SOW contracts to allow MSPs, clients and suppliers to route and submit SOW project contracts for eSignature approval, directly within Wand.
  • SOW Contract Document Templates – Enables the creation of multiple customized SOW templates associated with specific project types and job titles for clients, suppliers and MSPs to use within Wand.
  • SOW Financial and Reporting Enhancements – Provides more visibility to clients, MSPs and suppliers to better track the billing of multiple items within an SOW project, as well as improved project budget management.

For more on the topic, check out “How an MSP Can Drive Unmatched Value in SOW Management.”

Easier, More Effective Self-Sourcing

Self-sourcing talent is one of the best ways for organizations to drive savings in a bigger contingent workforce program — particularly in more established programs. Wand’s Talent Network enables managers to create their own private Talent Network of workers they’ve sourced, such as alumni, silver medalists, retirees and more.

Managers can then quickly identify and engage these people from within the request creation workflow, offering companies opportunities to avoid traditional vendor-sourced mark-ups and generate cost savings.

Workers who are invited to join a client’s private Talent Network self-manage their Talent Network profiles and, as a result, receive contingent job opportunities. The entire process within Wand is handled in an intuitive, consumerized fashion, and enables organizations to realize the cost savings associated with self-sourcing talent like no other solution in the industry. (Learn more about Wand Talent Network.)

The 2018 World Procurement Awards winners will be announced at an awards ceremony on May 17, 2018, at the Intercontinental London, The O2. For more on the awards, visit the World Procurement Awards website.

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