The Key 2020 Trends That Are Making Waves in Contingent Workforce Management

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Today and in the future organizations will continue to make efforts to optimize their operations and one of the main ways they’re pursuing this goal is through the practice of blending contingent talent with their full-time employees. This hybrid, non-traditional style of employing talented people continues to grow in popularity, and with this growth comes opportunities that will allow some to take a step ahead while others risk being left behind.

While many organizations are leveraging contingent talent, most are not doing so in a strategic fashion – less than 10% have established processes to manage and develop alternative workforce sources.[1] The few that are beginning to make strides beyond this majority are looking to external partnerships in the form of an expert Managed Services Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) to lead their contingent workforce management programs into the future. When it comes to the war for contingent talent, where does your organization sit – with the majority without a true solution or with the few that are quickly pulling ahead?

To make sure that you’re taking full advantage of your contingent workers’ talent, it’s vital that you understand what trends will impact workforce management in 2020. In our latest white paper, PRO has assembled a list of this year’s key trends based on our nearly three decades in the industry to help you better prepare for years ahead. Trends include:

  • Exploring redeployment strategies for cost savings, talent quality and decreased time to fill
  • Making VMS solutions accessible to all, for anywhere at any time
  • Expanding the MSP’s role as a trusted, consultative partner embedded in client programs
  • Increasing internal talent pools with direct sourcing
  • Driving compliance with streamlined SOW management

Tapping the contingent workforce is not just about simply sourcing and blending them into your employee ranks, it’s a complex machine full of moving parts that may need more of your attention to maximize its value. If you’re ready to take the next step in your contingent workforce management journey and discover more on these major trends, as well as others, download the white paper today!


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[1] Deloitte, “The alternative workforce: It’s now mainstream”

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