Infographic: 5 Overlooked Gig Economy Trends

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It seems like everyone’s talking about the gig economy these days, but the reality is that it’s been around in different capacities for decades. Looking back, Y2K in particular expanded the pool of professional knowledge workers in the market for contingent work, while at the same time helping businesses became more adept at working in project mode.

So, why all the attention now on the gig economy? For one, recent years have seen the emergence of the “human cloud,” a new set of online digital platforms that enables managers and workers to complete contingent work. Whether it’s online staffing (e.g., freelancers), online work services (e.g., Uber) or crowdsourcing (micro-tasks performed by a crowd of workers), the emergence of new web and app-based platforms are creating fascinating ways for employers and employees to interact.

In addition, millennials recently became the largest generation in the workforce, surpassing Gen X and Baby Boomers. These younger workers generally possess an increased focus on job flexibility and variety of work. (Learn more: “Infographic: How Millennials Are Changing the Workforce.”)

While these shifts have given rise to exciting opportunities for businesses and workers, they’ve also increased confusion regarding gig economy terminology and definitions, potential legal risks, and actual business impact.

To help businesses dig beyond the flashy headlines to better understand the gig economy and the small strategic shifts it might require, PRO Unlimited created this new infographic on five underreported, overlooked gig economy trends that companies should consider as they’re assessing potential strategic changes in their workforce approach.

Gig Economy Trends infographic

For a deeper look at gig economy trends and what businesses need to do to thrive in this evolving landscape, download PRO Unlimited’s white paper “The Gig Economy: What’s Hot Vs. What’s Hype.”

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