Here’s How to Achieve 100% Contractor Compliance & Total Non-employee Visibility

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In this day and age, security is a key topic of discussion across many enterprises. And it was no different for business leaders within this leading aerospace and defense company that has a large non-employee workforce.

Prior to implementing contingent workforce management services and technology, this company (like many others) faced challenges with managing compliance and risk for activating and deactivating systems access for its non-employee workforce (>1,200 workers nationwide). It required a way to accurately track and report on a high volume of this worker segment. As a result,  key stakeholders issued a directive for increased reporting, compliance, and visibility into its non-employee (contractors, consultants, temps) workforce. This required a comprehensive contingent labor program that would address the following challenges:

  • Lack of enterprise-wide visibility
  • Inability to allocate, track, and report on multiple internal program codes
  • No standardized hiring process and management of contractors
  • No process in place for budget management and accruals for end-of-month reporting
  • Lack of market rate analysis for supplier management and optimization

After conducting a market assessment, the company chose to move forward with a purely vendor-neutral and integrated Managed Services Program (MSP) and Vendor Management Software (VMS) program. After a short time following deployment, the company was able to overcome these challenges and ensure 100% contractor compliance while realizing a number of other benefits including improved non-employee visibility, increased SOW spend management, and standardization of job titles and rates — all by outsourcing this function.

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