The Game Changing Influence of AI on Contingent Labor Management

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In the latest of’s Talent Acquisition Excellence ePublication, PRO Unlimited’s EVP of Product Development, Ted Sergott discusses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on contingent labor management.

As 74% of employers claim they’ve hired the wrong person for a position, losing an average of nearly $15,000 on every bad hire, there is an immense need for new and innovative technology that can support an altogether better sourcing process. In fact, nearly 3 in 4 business leaders consider AI a “business advantage” that will be fundamental to their future operations.

The adoption of AI into contingent workforce management is just beginning and it will enable organizations to make smarter hiring decisions through a combination of machine learning, predictive analytics and augmented reality to increase efficiency, reduce operational costs, grow revenue and improve talent quality.

While AI is a broad and well-known topic across organizations and industries, there are four areas of focus for contingent workforce management:

  1. Embedded Intelligence
  2. Adaptive job assessments
  3. Social and behavioral mining
  4. Augmented reality

Combined with human expertise, AI promises to enable faster, more efficient decision-making for a more optimized sourcing process that will drive cost savings and improve the end user experience. With the right organizational support, the strategic use of AI could lead to greater hiring successes and a deeper understanding of the workforce.

To learn more about AI’s impact on contingent labor management, read the full article here.

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