Infographic: Artificial Intelligence and Contingent Workforce Management

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One of the most important challenges an enterprise faces is locating and hiring the top candidate for a job. However, ineffective sourcing and recruiting processes, tough competition for talent, and arbitrary evaluation criteria make the exercise difficult.

In this environment, the concept of tapping into advances in artificial intelligence (AI) to better hire contingent workers — as well as manage and optimize this workforce — is intriguing. By analyzing data and performing automated work “behind the scenes,” AI promises to not only enable faster decision-making and deepen understanding of a company’s workforce, but also free up resources so managers and business leaders can spend more time on creative thinking and strategic planning.

To help organizations better understand AI and its potential business impact, PRO created this infographic, which highlights some of the basics of AI and a few areas we feel are particularly exciting for organizations as they relate to contingent workforce management.

Artificial Intellgience Contingent Workforce Management infographic

For a deeper look at artificial intelligence and its potential to help organizations better hire and manage contingent workers, download PRO Unlimited’s “Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on Contingent Workforce Management” white paper.

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