Take Spend Analysis to the Next Level with Artificial Intelligence

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Are you headed to ProcureCon IT in Denver next week? If so, you definitely want to check out this panel session – it’s titled, “Beyond The Basics: Taking Spend Analysis to the Next Level with Artificial Intelligence (AI).”  This takes place on Wednesday, June 20th at 11:10 a.m. Don’t miss out!

PRO’s EVP, Product Development, Ted Sergott has been invited to lend his expertise on the topic. In this session, attendees will gain an understanding of how procurement leaders are taking their analytics strategies to the next level with AI, and how you can do the same. Here is what you can expect: 

  •  To run a truly world-class IT procurement function,  greater visibility into supplier spend is essential, as the category is hyper-dependent on planning purchase timing and inventories to meet demand schedules and predicting future risks – and the addition of captured rogue spend complicates things further.
  •  While strong leadership and evolving best practices have played an important role in traditional analytics, new analytics technology that enables a sharper strategy has arrived. The rise of AI is now helping procurement organizations gain new insights and shape new strategies not before possible with standard spend analytics approaches.

If you cannot make the panel and would like to check out the latest webinar on the top 4 AI Trends in Sourcing & Contingent Workforce Management, just click here.  


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