How to Build a Private Contract Talent Network

As organizations continue to expand the use of contingent talent to supplement their full-time workforce, they are also seeking ways to optimize their contingent workforce programs to generate additional cost-savings. Historically, this is done through the process of supplier rate rationalization, improvements in workflow and cycle time, and engaging a MSP and Vendor Management System (VMS) to drive efficiencies. While these measures generate cost-savings (particularly in first generation and early stage programs), more mature programs require the identification of other strategies like self-sourcing.

When it’s built and managed correctly, a private talent network can be one of the primary drivers for generating savings in a company’s contingent workforce program. Understanding what is required to populate and roll out the network can be the difference in fully utilizing this forward-thinking, cost-saving strategy or failing to realize the benefits of self-sourcing.

During the session, Brad plans to highlight how to build a private contract talent network, leverage technology to curate and manage it, and ways to incorporate it into an organization’s sourcing workflow. Attendees will learn how to:

  • Understand how self-sourcing talent can lead to significant cost-savings
  • Successfully implement your private talent network technology platform and drive adoption
  • Learn how self-sourcing will improve the overall quality of your temp/freelance talent

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