Use Business Intelligence to Reach Contingent Resource Planning Success

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With influence from competitors and technology at an all-time high, finding the right talent at the right time for your business is more challenging than ever. Discover the advantages you can gain by using business intelligence (BI) tools in your contingent resource planning strategy in our latest piece with Forbes, featuring PRO Unlimited’s Ted Sergott, EVP of Product Development.

Gaining visibility across your workforce, including contingent and full-time workers, to achieve total talent management can help you make smarter decisions — by driving cost savings and program efficiencies. BI tools translate vital workforce data into actionable visualizations that illuminate highlight important insights, including supply and demand, and worker details. By embracing business intelligence-based tools and optimizing your resource planning strategy, you realize the following benefits:

  • Understanding supply and demand opportunities on a global scale
  • Leveraging your existing talent pool to reapply them to open positions
  • Building your talent network by enabling workers to stay engaged
  • Releasing workers using an understanding of their performance and other external factors

The clear advantages you gain by applying BI tools to your resource planning strategy should not be overlooked, but taking the right steps toward choosing a vendor to suite your needs can be challenging.

To find out more about the benefits and the questions you should ask when selecting the BI tools that are right for you, read the full Forbes article here.

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