Comprehensive Workforce Visibility In Three Key Steps

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Managing a full-time staff comes with its set of challenges. When a growing a contingent workforce is factored into the equation, the task becomes especially complicated. With an overwhelming number of moving parts to an organization, complete workforce visibility is essential to cost savings and preventing misclassification of contingent talent. It’s also imperative to ensure compliance with local, national and international employment laws.

How can all of these aspects be successfully managed, you ask? The answer is quite simple. A purely vendor-neutral and integrated Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) approach will provide the support to manage any contingent workforce, no matter how complex, dynamic or disparate. In a recent article on, Dusting Burgess VP of analytics and metrics for PRO Unlimited, provided three steps to guarantee total workforce visibility.

Step 1: Partner with a MSP. By partnering with a MSP and a Vendor Management System (VMS), companies are able to see clear budget breakdowns and gain regular headcount reporting. This visibility and transparency significantly enhances contingent workforce management and reduces risk.

Step 2: Ensure the MSP has a strong compliance team. Their teams of experts work with suppliers to ensure candidates have the necessary compliance documents and audit each credential and certification prior to engagement.

Step 3: Challenge the MSP on analytics. The amount of data available now is staggering and assuming the first two steps were successfully completed, the organization should have plenty of data to use. However, having access to data is not the same as using the data to drive actionable intelligence. At PRO, they have deployed a Total Talent Solution to look at the holistic workforce (full-time employees, and all non-employee types), which is provided meaningful business intelligence to their clients.

Dustin highlighted the importance of employing an integrated system such as PRO’s, to minimize worker misclassification and excess labor costs. He stated, “companies that elect to partner with an expert in this space will have a decided advantage knowing they that they are effectively managing their workforce and mitigating risk.”

Read the full article and learn more about the advantages of an integrated VMS/MSP approach to achieve complete workforce visibility.

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