The Closing Chasm Between Consumer & Enterprise Solutions

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PRO Unlimited’s Brad Martin, Senior Product Marketing Director, recently provided his thought leadership expertise in an article for CIO Review regarding the impact of the consumerized enterprise on contingent workforce management.

The article discusses how consumers want everything fast and at their fingertips, literally. They pursue solutions that are mobile, intuitive and deliver functionality to simplify their experience. That need is no different in the business-to-business space; specifically vendor management software (VMS) within contingent workforce management. Historically, VMS lacked consumerization and often suffered from a robotic and cumbersome approach. However, the gap between the end-user and enterprise solution is quickly closing as developers focus their efforts on redesigning their technology platforms to closely resemble consumer applications.

With a number of advances in VMS technology, organizations that manage a contingent workforce can now realize the benefits of new design approach creating more intuitive interfaces while incorporating features such as real-time in-app messaging, peer rating for vendors, and contextual action. Additionally, Martin stresses the benefits of implementing an omni-channel solution to satisfy users looking to access applications on multiple platforms. These applications and others are built to take full advantage of each device (laptop, tablet, and smartphone) and help organizations better manage their contingent workforce anytime, anywhere.

Read the full article for a more comprehensive understanding of the advantages of consumerized enterprise and its impact on contingent workforce management.

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