Global Pharma Company Sees 24% Increase in Contingent Labor Cost-Savings

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A global pharmaceutical company implemented PRO Unlimited’s purely vendor-neutral and integrated Managed Service Program (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) to address the following business challenges:

  1. No standard requisition process across the organization; multiple practices for procuring, onboarding and offboarding contingent labor
  2. No centralized reporting mechanism to capture metrics and spend
  3. Lack of visibility to realize cost-savings opportunities and identification and location of contingent labor

Pure vendor-neutrality only exists when the MSP has no staffing capabilities whatsoever and zero competition with staffing suppliers to source workers.

6 months into the launch, PRO’s combination of services and technology provided the company with the ability to make informed business decisions, drive cost-savings and containment, manage risk, and improve talent quality. Check out some of these key wins:

  • 24% increase in the average cost savings (approximately $507K through competitive bid, payrolling and negotiations)
  • 65% decrease in the time required for the requisition approval process to the distribution of the order to suppliers
  • 20% decrease from the time the suppliers receive the order/opportunity to when the winning candidate’s resume is submitted
  • 32% decrease from the time it takes to submit the winning candidates’ resume to when the candidate interview is scheduled
  • 8% decrease in the number of business days it takes to fill a requisition

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