Making an Informed Decision about Contingent Workforce Management Advice

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PRO Unlimited’s COO and EVP Allie Ben-Shlomo was recently asked by Buyers Meeting Point, a destination for procurement professionals, to share her expertise on the key questions companies need to ask when seeking contingent workforce management advice.

Contingent Workforce Management Insights

Allie begins by noting that non-employee talent is receiving more attention by senior management as contractors, freelancers, and consultants play a pivotal role in meeting an organization’s objectives. However, we often hear that there is a challenge when executives make an attempt to line up their current contingent workforce management programs with their vision; many find out they cannot answer some of the most fundamental questions about how effective their current programs/processes really are.

When this becomes clear, stakeholders will reach out to contingent workforce management third-parties for guidance. Contingent labor management is specialized as it includes interdisciplinary areas of expertise such as Vendor Management, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources Operations, Employment Law, and Employment Tax.

More than ever, the contingent workforce programs are taking a strategic view from executives and comprise a larger portion of an organization’s total workforce. About 40% of the U.S. workforce is comprised of contingent workers. This percentage of the workforce is forecasted to expand in the short-term. In fact, 42% of U.S. executives expect to use more contingent workers in the next three to five years.  As a result, executives are asking more strategic questions about these types of programs such as:

  • Are there any additional cost-savings opportunities to be realized?
  • Are we losing out on top talent by not adapting to shifts in the market and/or industry?
  • How does our contingent workforce program minimize risk?
  • Does our contingent workforce management strategy and vision reflect our company’s goals and objectives?

Click here to read more as Allie touches upon the following areas that professionals need take into consideration as they properly vet a contingent workforce management provider.

  • Assessing Qualifications of a Potential Advisor
  • Specialized Experience Is Paramount
  • Beware of Quick Fixes
  • Thinking Ahead

If you or a member of your team would benefit from a further discussion on how PRO is helping companies implement winning contingent workforce management programs, please contact a PRO representative at 800.291.1099 or email at

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