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PRO shares its insights and perspectives on contingent workforce management with Sourcing Industry Group’s (SIG) readership. Additionally, executives from Novartis, a global healthcare company, as well as suppliers including The Fountain Group weigh in on what contingent workforce model has been the most effective in sourcing, managing, and tracking their workers.

More often than not, organizations will utilize traditional methods of acquiring talent through greater usage of staffing firms. However, many HR and Procurement executives are recognizing a major paradigm shift that is underway. Traditionally, companies would use one staffing firm to manage the contingent workforce. Organizations would tap one firm to source and manage their contingent labor program. That naturally led for the MSP to favor their own staffing services, resulting in missed opportunities to source the best talent. In some cases, using a staffing firm as an MSP meant a lack of enterprise visibility, as well as higher costs. More sophisticated MSPs are involved with total workforce planning and demand management.

A new best practice has emerged: A purely vendor-neutral and integrated MSP and VMS model. A pure vendor-neutrality exists only when the MSP and VMS provider have no staffing capability whatsoever; they possess no financial affiliation with a staffing provider. That results in the best talent being provided at the most market-competitive rates. It requires suppliers to compete for each requisition on a level-playing field, which drives the maximum value for an organization. The results achieved within these programs that adopt this model are often compelling. There is strong evidence that an integrated and purely vendor-neutral MSP/VMS model produces a more successful contingent labor program.

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