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Three Ways to Improve Talent Sourcing and Contingent Workforce Management Analytics

Pharma/Biotech industry is undergoing a dramatic operational transformation as competition for talent remains fierce, yet pressure to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and substantiate value continues to ramp up.  At PRO, we have identified relevant and innovative solutions to drive hard dollar cost-savings, optimize processes, improve worker quality, and mitigate risk for contingent workforce management programs.  Below are a few examples of how we have helped our clients:

  • Client A was challenged by finding top-tier talent in a highly-competitive market.  PRO performed an end-to-end assessment of worker experience that enabled our client to leverage their own brand name and pre-existing benefits to attract top tier-talent, resulting in a higher volume of candidates and significant improvements to worker/candidate quality scores.
  • Client B was challenged by abnormally high worker turnover for select job titles in various regions.  PRO performed a holistic analysis of each market and worker data to understand the key drivers and designed a solution that reduced turnover, but also increased worker quality and resulted in $1M+ in cost savings on that population.
  • Client C was challenged by longer than expected time to fill a requisition.  PRO created a dynamic requisition lifecycle dashboard that provided visibility to sequential, mission-critical steps within the process that enabled actionable insights. This resulted in a material decrease in time to fill while also facilitating an improvement in worker quality scores (as the best workers were no longer lost due to long cycle times).

As this industry continues to evolve and the war for talent continues to be waged, developing a cohesive contingent workforce strategy supporting total work force management will ensure that your company is leveraging proven best practices to access talent, drive savings and efficiencies, and mitigate risk.

If you or a member of your team would benefit from further discussion on how PRO is helping companies implement winning contingent workforce management programs globally, please contact a PRO representative at 800.291.1099 or email at

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