Contingent Workforce Model: Drives Productivity & Visibility for Global Learning Company

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A global educational and trade publisher that serves millions of students worldwide was challenged with complex contingent workforce management issues that hindered productivity and visibility.  One of the main concerns involved their complex onboarding process. The company was in need of greater visibility, flexibility, and speed to support its hiring managers while onboarding non-employees, contractors, and temps across the organization.

Some of the primary obstacles facing this company included a heavy dose of onboarding materials that inundated the contractor; a lack of visibility by the hiring managers into the onboarding process; and inefficient training documents that failed to provide new contractors with a step-by-step process to efficiently prepare/complete onboarding.

The Solution

As a result, this organization tapped PRO Unlimited and used their integrated Managed Service Program (MSP) and Vendor Management Software (VMS) approach to address these challenges. PRO implemented a new model, which consisted of revamping the company’s training documents, re-engineering its onboarding communications, reducing the heavy volume of data that each contractor experienced, and providing hiring managers with greater visibility into the onboarding pipeline via its VMS “Wand” dashboard. With these new components in place, PRO was able to drive productivity throughout the onboarding process, which enabled contractors to more readily integrate into the organization.

To learn more about all of the key program wins, download the case study here.

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