Our Massive Data Set, Your Ocean of Possibilities

PRO Unlimited's Data as a Service (DaaS) solution gives organizations unprecedented flexibility in leveraging the world's largest global market rate, salary and talent intelligence data set to glean whatever real-time insights are critical to their business. This intelligence empowers users to spend smartly and secure the best talent.


PRO DaaS Features

Historically, a lack of rate and talent intelligence has prevented hiring optimization. Available in over 160 markets worldwide, PRO's DaaS solution helps address this challenge by providing clients with the most comprehensive hiring intelligence, enabling a dramatic optimization of the $4T+ annual spend on contingent labor globally and a massive weapon in the battle for talent.

Your System of Choice

PRO's DaaS Solution provides a direct data feed from PRO's vast data ocean to the client system (via API) and/or the SaaS solutions of the client's choosing, enabling one system to “call” another and receive an answer.

Exclusive Rate & Hiring Intelligence

This data includes market rates for staff augmentation and SOW professional services, salaries for full-time positions, hiring intelligence such as candidate supply/demand information, and much more.

Smarter Spend and Talent Optimization

Use PRO's DaaS solution to answer questions about how much to pay for a resource, where to source, how rates are moving over time, how difficult it is to hire in different markets and more.

Leveraging the World’s Largest Workforce Data Repository

PRO is the ONLY company offering direct API access to the industry’s largest global market rate and talent intelligence data set, with over 30 billion data points across more than 1.5 billion workers. To ensure the highest quality, PRO pulls from multiple sources, including:

Massive Database of Anonymous First-Party Data

This proprietary data set encompasses hundreds of thousands of jobs filled globally.

Trusted Third-Party Sources

To maximize geographic scope, PRO partners with trusted leading data firms from around the world.

Vast Supplier Network

Because of PRO’s unique vendor-neutral approach, our 10,000-plus supplier partners share their rate data with us.

To ensure the highest accuracy, PRO leverages an industry-leading team of compensation experts to validate and calibrate the data.

Unlocking a (Data) Ocean of Possibilities

Use this data where and when it makes sense for you, your business and your customers. The possibilities are endless for how you leverage PRO’s data to expand your talent intelligence, but common use cases include:

  • Understanding hiring difficulty by role, skills and location
  • Adding contingent and FTE market data to your HR comp system/HRIS
  • Converting unstructured data to structured data to identify key terms, skills, etc.
  • Adding hiring intelligence to your talent acquisition platforms
  • Discovering where talent is by job role and skills – and what talent is most likely to engage with recruiters
  • Visualizing shared terms between job descriptions and resumes
  • And many more

Want to learn more?

Talk to us about how you can use PRO’s DaaS solution to better understand your talent landscape and make more strategic hiring and retention decisions.

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