The Difference Maker: Contingent Workforce Analytics

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The Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) asked PRO’s SVP of Strategic Planning Ben Barstow to share his views on the importance of contingent workforce data analytics. Ben emphasizes that in order for organizations to tap into the full power of contingent workforce data and analytics they need to start with the right foundation. So what does that really mean?

It is critical to examine the organizational attributes that foster and drive success in applying analytics to better serve customers, provide market differentiation, and fuel sustainable growth. Managed companies don’t need to be convinced of the value and need for analytics. Experienced leaders know what it’s like to make critical decisions with incomplete information. It is these managers who appreciate having fact-based data and analysis as the basis for their decisions.

Business moves too fast to have every decision researched and supported with a full analysis. Managers are often forced to make decisions based on an incomplete picture of the world. A desire for a better understanding of their business, and the world in which it operates, is the catalyst for the development of strong analytics capabilities. Those companies that have successfully developed analytics as a core competency have created a culture which fosters the development of this strength.

See what Ben says about contingent workforce analytics next by clicking on the full article here.

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