Contingent Workforce: November 2018 U.S. and Global Regulatory Updates

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PRO Unlimited’s expert Business Validation, Legal, Immigration and Client Payroll teams have published this quarter’s U.S. and Global Regulatory Newsletters (November 2018) as it relates to the contingent workforce.  This quarter’s newsletters highlight the following topics:

  • U.S. Independent Contractor Compliance, Employment Law, Immigration and Payroll
  • Global trends and events in Australia, Japan, Switzerland, China, Ireland

Within each of these sections, readers will find more detail, including:

  • State-Specific Worker Misclassification Actions and Labor Restrictions
  • Renewed Attempt to Revise FLSA White Collar Exemptions
  • Proposed Rule-making for Joint Employment Standard Under the NLRA
  • Legislation Updates and Case Review
  • Effect of NAFTA Change on TN Category
  • Updates from USCIS
  • General Payroll Updates
  • EMEA and APAC updates, including an editorial on IR35 and Brexit

To download your copy of the full newsletters, learn more here.

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Disclaimer: The content in this blog post is for informational purposes only and cannot be construed as specific legal advice or as a substitute for legal advice. The blog post reflects the opinion of PRO Unlimited and is not to be construed as legal solutions and positions. Contact an attorney for specific advice and guidance for specific issues or questions.

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