Global Energy Supplier Realized $14M in Cost-Savings

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A global energy company, known for safely providing the world with oil and natural gas, was in the market for a comprehensive contingent workforce management program to track its contract labor. They were also in need of a partner who could help improve process inefficiencies and enhance supplier management while reducing costs.

In order to address their business objectives, the organization determined that a purely vendor-neutral integrated Managed Services Program (MSP) and Vendor Management System Software (VMS) platform would be the best approach to achieve optimal results.

The company enrolled the help of PRO Unlimited with its VMS technology, “Wand” and its one-stop enterprise solution to manage client services as well as ongoing strategic analysis and contingent workforce support. The organization was able to leverage PRO’s standardized sourcing process in order to address and fill specialized roles. PRO’s rate card benchmarking model and robust auditing process have also helped improve operational efficiencies and mitigate risks while engaging the most highly qualified and cost-effective contract talent.

Through this partnership, the client was able to achieve an abundance of key wins including:

  • Increased total program spend by 53% from 2016 through 2017, Q2
  • Realized $14M in cost-savings through 2017, Q2
  • Experienced tighter control on the contractor procurement process (less rogue spend)
  • Expanded supplier pool to include specialty and niche suppliers allowing for greater sourcing options for hard to fill roles with client’s approval and consolidated spend through core suppliers to minimize costs
  • Increased supplier collaboration as a result of optimizing the supplier pool for each labor category

Download the full case study for a detailed list of the key wins.

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