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Providing a pipeline to quality talent is a critical component to any successful self-sourcing program. Organizations must anticipate the types of workers they will need to source in preparation for the next project. Sometimes managers know whom they want to bring onboard for a particular job or project and do not need to use a staffing agency to fill the position. In other instances, an organization wants to leverage its brand and stature to source talent directly. These individuals might be retirees, former full-time employees, independent contractors, freelancers, or referrals.

Unlike traditional staffing suppliers and recruiters, PRO Unlimited takes a unique approach to sourcing talent and building networks with YourSource. As the talent exchange and online work platform, PRO offers companies the ability to search, negotiate, and engage directly with non-employee talent. The goal is to provide companies with direct access to those qualified and talented professionals as they are needed. YourSource enables organizations to realize the benefits of self-sourced talent while managing it underneath the umbrella of their centralized contingent labor program. This ensures the cost and risk management and talent quality controls that are use for third-party talent sourcing are extended to the worker.

Self-Sourcing Requirements

There are a variety of different components that an organization needs to have in place to succeed with a self-sourcing strategy including:

  • Technology platform that is fully integrated into a company’s Vendor Management System (VMS)
  • Data analytics and business intelligence that leverage reporting and visualizations
  • Expert Managed Service Program (MSP) consultants who possess a breadth of experience across different industry segments
  • Applicant portal that allows organizations to leverage their brands to attract new talent

If you or a member of your team would benefit from further discussion on how PRO is helping companies implement winning contingent workforce management programs globally, please contact a PRO representative at 800.291.1099 or email at info@prounlimited.com.


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