Global Financial Group Increases Program Growth by 40% Over One Quarter

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Today’s fast-paced contingent labor market is constantly changing – new rules and regulations are enacted constantly, forcing most companies to regularly walk the line between total compliance and risky practices due to lack of time and funding to fully support their program.

A member of one of the world’s leading financial groups knew the pressure of walking the compliance line, facing significant contingent labor challenges and risk from not meeting new tax and co-employment laws. With scattered non-employee data, minimal resources to manage non-employees, and a lack of governance and overall understanding of industry regulations, it became clear that they needed to find the perfect partner to optimize their contingent workforce management.

They selected PRO Unlimited’s purely vendor-neutral Managed Services Program (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) to manage its staffing, payrollee and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program.

PRO was chosen to:

  • Relieve overburdened internal resources
  • Enable supplier pool optimization
  • Centralize and track contingent worker and non-employee data
  • Streamlining on and off boarding
  • Provide market rate guidance on labor spend

By partnering with PRO, this company saw 40% program growth over one quarter, including expanding their contingent workforce program to their sister company. Not only did they see significant growth, they were able to reignite supplier engagement, improve time-to-fill by 27%, and implement a comprehensive compliance program and centralized system for all non-employee data.

To learn more about this company’s success with PRO, click here to download the case study.

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