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Contingent workforce management strategies were top of mind when PRO’s Andrew Popler, Senior Vice President of Business Development, sat down with Elaine Pofeldt, a contributing editor with Forbes. Andrew discussed how the contingent workforce model is changing within organizations around the world.

Elaine begins the article by saying, “corporate freelance careers look like the next hot opportunity for ambitious professionals.” Andrew responds, “The question for many experts isn’t if half the working population will soon be contingent workers but when. I would say that within 10 years, we’ll be 50-50.” Andrew continues, “What’s most interesting is 15 years ago, a freelancer or a contingent was someone who did the less strategic, more tactical work. But in today’s world the freelancer, the `nonemployee,’ the contingent is integrated into the core strategic delivery roles within an organization.  In many cases the freelancer is facing the client of the company that has engaged them.”

Take a look at the complete Forbes article to read what was said next.

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About the Forbes Editor, Elaine Pofeldt:

Elaine covers the growing wave of one-person businesses and their ecosystem. Follow Elaine on Twitter: @ElainePofeldt


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