Workforce Visibility: Proactively Plan & Reduce Costs

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In the latest of’s Talent Acquistion Excellence ePublication, PRO Unlimited’s SVP of Strategy, Analytics & Metrics, Dustin Burgess discusses the benefits of workforce visibility.

As mentioned in the article, “A recent Houston Chronicle article suggests that an employee making $75,000 per year incurs almost $40,000 annually in hard costs, including things like training and benefits.”

Hiring high quality talent comes at a cost, whether it comes in the form of contingent labor or full-time employees. Contingent labor comes with very few embedded costs – no sick time, holidays, or benefits, but incurs them through salary and markups. Meanwhile, full-time employees come with significantly more embedded costs, from onboarding and training to benefits, as mentioned in the quote above.

Savvy organizations that can compare ‘all-in’ costs by all types of workers are at a distinct advantage when it comes to workforce planning. If there is flexibility in how a worker is engaged, organizations can ask which type of engagement makes the most sense from a cost perspective.

Organizations that proactively plan and reduce costs through workforce visibility can:

  • Quickly and easily access their skills inventory
  • Allow hiring managers to understand engaged workers that possess the skills they need
  • Reduce cycle times and eliminate disruptions to the business
  • Increase efficiency via overtime reduction
  • Anticipate demand swings and provide guidance on the most cost-effective ways to staff up or down

As organizations embrace people analytics and total talent management, the competitive advantage between the haves and the have nots will continue to widen. Gaining access to workforce data that increases visibility into your people can help your organization realize many benefits that will help you find greater success in the future.

To learn more about the benefits of full workforce visibility, read the full article here.

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