Why Your Vendor Management System Matters

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Leading industry magazines continue to ask PRO Unlimited’s Brad Martin to share his expert insights into what is taking place in the Vendor Management System (VMS) space. HR.com happens to be the latest publication to tap Brad for his thought leadership expertise.

Vendor Management System Innovations

In the article titled,  “Contingent Workforce Management Technology,” Brad discusses a number of innovations that both HR managers and contingent workers can leverage in the era of the consumerized VMS.

Like in any other industry, the objective is to develop an environment that promotes efficiency.  The mindset is to create a synergy between enterprise processes and the ease-of-use that these VMS deliver to stakeholders. VMS providers should be designing and/or redesigning their technology solutions to more closely resemble consumer applications. Additionally, they should be looking to remove friction points and barriers, making the user experience both seamless and highly intuitive.

Read the full article here to see what consumerized features need to be designed into a VMS.

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