Another Global Company Selects a Vendor-Neutral Model

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A company that provides a digital catalogue platform has gained immense popularity within recent years for its cutting edge social network design and web based content. With over 500+ global employees, 33% of its workforce is comprised of contingent labor. Due to this significant non-employee base, the company’s stakeholders emphasized the need for a proven Managed Services Program (MSP) and Vendor Management Software (VMS) solution to manage its contingent workforce.

The goal was to help maximize cost-savings, streamline contractor onboarding, deliver non-employee visibility, and improve multichannel sourcing capabilities. In order to meet these objectives, they selected to partner with PRO Unlimited, a purely vendor-neutral and integrated MSP/VMS model.

The Vendor-Neutral Contingent Workforce Solution

The implementation of PRO’s proven software and managed services program enabled this organization to quickly realize the following:

  • Total visibility into contingent labor spend through data analysis and business intelligence that includes key performance metrics, on and off boarding, streamlining, understanding turnover/retention, benchmarking and spend analytics.
  • Cost optimization and process evaluation through its tailored managed services program management consulting and best practices.

Inquire at to discover the other key benefits this organization attained with PRO’s purely vendor-neutral and integrated contingent workforce model.

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