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Allie Ben-Shlomo, COO and EVP of PRO Unlimited sat down with HRO Today Global’s editor, Belinda Sharr to look at the challenges of global recruitment—and how to ensure the effective management of the worldwide contingent workforce.

Belinda opens the article by stating the following, “Global recruitment can be a challenge, with different regions requiring different strategies to find the best employees for the job. Add to that multiple laws and regulations and cultural and regional expectations, and HR leaders face a tough challenge—especially in today’s tight labour market.”

A Purely Vendor-Neutral Contingent Workforce Management Model Helps Recruitment Professionals

Ben-Shlomo says that taking a purely vendor-neutral approach can provide a competitive and level global playing field, which enables organisations to benefit from the best talent at the best price. Vendor neutrality encourages niche, high-end staffing agencies to readily join a managed programme, allowing the client managers to review talent from multiple providers. Especially in today’s ‘war for talent’ for mission critical roles, the mobility of talent to move across borders for the right opportunity means that recruitment professionals need to cast a broader net.”

Allie continues, “The model is transferrable around the world, however it has to be locally nuanced in line with country rules and regulations regarding the supply of staff and services, employment law, tax and finance regulations and many other areas for consideration. These cannot be underestimated as they may pose restrictions or challenges if managed incorrectly.”

See what Allie says next in the article by clicking on the full article here.

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