Global Pharma Company Selects Purely Vendor-Neutral MSP/VMS Model

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A former client (procurement executive) at a global pharmaceutical company recently spoke with Procurement Leaders magazine about the benefits of PRO Unlimited’s purely vendor-neutral managed services program (MSP) and vendor management software (VMS) platform. The article outlined why this organization transitioned to PRO, the advantages of selecting this type of model (vendor-neutral), and key wins realized.

The executive goes on to say that PRO was brought on to help reduce maverick spend, improve supplier management, reduce time-to-fill, manage co-employment risks among other operational objectives. The article provides an in-depth summary of the benefits reaped through implementing PRO’s contingent workforce management platform including – check out the following excerpts from what the procurement executive said about PRO below:

  • Cost savings. After transitioning to PRO’s solution, the company managed to bring this rogue spend under control fairly quickly and increased program adoption, which helped consistently deliver around 8% year-over-year savings.
  • Supplier management. The assessments carried out by the team of the old model found that they had far too many suppliers. In some instances, they found that the same supplier was providing contingent labor to several different divisions, but were working under multiple contracts with varying terms and conditions. As a result, each division was paying different rates to a multitude of different suppliers. It was evident that they were lacking the necessary governance and compliance measures around workforce hiring policies. The vendor-neutral model requires suppliers to compete for each requisition. But while this is the case, it actually enables them to focus on what they do best, namely sourcing and providing the best candidates. Vendors tend to have a set of disciplines that they specialize in terms of supply staff, whether that is administration, information technology or more specialist labor. This model helps hiring managers identify the right suppliers to meet their requirements.
  • Analytics. PRO’s analytics team proved to the client time and again with some very robust process in place to develop these rates. Analytics are ultimately essential to driving a successful program and PRO proved a key part of the success because they ensured that hiring managers were paying at or below what the local market tended to dictate.

The article ended by the client saying, “PRO generates the type of results that we did not realize with our previous MSP and VMS model. When one provider is involved, the complexity and degree of difficulty decreases. Through this program, we improved operational efficiencies and mitigated risks while engaging the most highly qualified and cost-effective contingent labor talent. We have been very satisfied with the selection of a purely vendor-neutral program model to address our contingent workforce management needs.”

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