Achieving Workforce Visibility in 34 Countries

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This $2 billion software company provides technology for electronic payment transactions in over 150 countries and employs a dynamic labor force that is comprised of contractors, temps, non-employees and full-time employees. With such a large scope of talent, the organization was in need of a tool to track as well as gain visibility into its contract labor.

After a thorough market evaluation, the company selected a purely vendor-neutral integrated Managed Service Program (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) model as the best match for their contingent workforce program requirements.

The company’s need for contingent workforce visibility became a key business imperative that was aligned to several measurable outcomes:

  • Compliance with in-country requirements and reliable supplier audit processes
  • Ability to benchmark contractor pay rates for measurable cost savings
  • Consistent completion and tracking of all corporate on-boarding requirements and control over all system/facility access
  • Accurately track turnover and contingent worker engagement extension requests

The client successfully deployed its global MSP and VMS Wand SaaS platform in 34 countries where the organization engages contingent workers. Download the case study to learn more about this unique program and how PRO was key to the company’s contract management success.

Inquire at to discover the other key benefits this organization attained with PRO’s purely vendor-neutral and integrated contingent workforce model.

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