Wield the Power of Contingent Workforce Management Data

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A look at how three organizations gained a competitive advantage by tapping analytics in the battle for talent

In the contingent workforce management industry, HR executives can use “big data” to make strategic choices about hiring and worker allocation — this can determine if a company will succeed in the competitive talent acquisition landscape. Below, read the stories of three companies that elevated their contingent labor practices through making data work for them.


A utilities company drilled into their labor data to answer when and where to hire contingent workers. By unlocking key business insights previously unseen in internal databases, the company’s leadership quickly determined how to reallocate existing talent resources. Bypassing additional recruiting channels saved the business time and money.


Sometimes diagnosing the pain points in the workforce ecosystem requires a broader perspective. With the help of a purely vendor-neutral and integrated VMS and MSP, a leader in global technology married FTE and non-employee data to achieve total visibility into their requisition lifecycle. This Total Talent Solution led to workforce-wide key wins, such as a dynamic “pricing curve” to guide managers’ hiring decisions. The increased visibility into macro-level trends touts the benefits of a centralized metrics platform when looking to optimize business strategy.


For a pharmaceutical giant struggling to attract and retain quality talent in one of the U.S.’s tightest labor markets, data analysis of internal and external sources gave the company a competitive edge in understanding the contingent worker experience. This approach to collecting non-employee feedback allowed the pharma leader to address why talent was staying or leaving. Reinforced by a new brand-awareness campaign, the company shortly saw an uptick in retention and improved candidate quality.

It is not enough for big data to merely be available, rather is must also be useful and yield actionable intelligence. Businesses must identify the appropriate internal and external partners to help them to harness the power of data, or else get left behind in race for top talent. To learn more, download our Fact Sheet here.


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