Here’s Why Novartis Chose a Purely Vendor-Neutral Contingent Workforce Model

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Many of the world’s Fortune 500 companies have turned to PRO to address the costs, risks, and quality issues associated with managing their global contingent workforces. Why is this?  It is because of PRO’s purely vendor-neutral contingent workforce model – emphasis on the word, “purely.”

Since PRO is not a staffing firm, there is a clear understanding by all parties that PRO’s programs are purely vendor-neutral. A pure vendor-neutrality exists only when the Managed Service Provider (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) provider have no staffing capability whatsoever; they possess no financial affiliation with a staffing provider. That results in the best talent being provided at the most market-competitive rates.

It requires suppliers to compete for each requisition on a level-playing field, which drives the maximum value for an organization. The results achieved within these programs that adopt this model are often compelling. There is strong evidence that an integrated MSP/VMS model produces a more successful contingent labor program. Just ask one of our clients, Novartis, a global healthcare company, about their experience with implementing this type of model.

Contingent Workforce Management Case Study: Novartis and the Purely Vendor-Neutral Model

At Novartis, prior to their current vendor-neutral model, they used a staffing agency model in the capacity of a MSP to source and acquire contingent workers across many of their US locations. However, it was difficult to convince their managers that a staffing firm was equipped to address their complex sourcing needs. As a result, they found a significant amount of contingent labor spend circumvented the managed services program, and it was very difficult to control rogue spending.

They conducted an assessment of their contingent workforce management program due to these concerns. At the end of that process, they determined the best solution for them was a purely vendor-neutral model and to partner with a company that was solely focused on program management. They realized this approach was critical to secure the best talent possible and satisfy their managers’ rigorous contingent labor requirements. This strategic decision has achieved the following:

  • Secured the best talent to support Novartis’ different disciplines
  • Leveraged top suppliers to source talent
  • Assigned practitioners on site to help manage and oversee their contingent labor program
  • Met or exceeded year-over-year savings expectations since deploying a purely vendor-neutral model
  • Overcame “the fox running the henhouse” objection

This dramatic shift in the way Novartis thinks about and manages contingent workers has inspired commitment and belief in the current model. Through this program, Novartis has improved operational efficiencies and mitigated risks while engaging the most highly qualified and cost-effective contingent talent. They have been very satisfied with the selection of a purely vendor-neutral program model to address their contingent workforce management needs.

As you can see, PRO’s unique model has consistently helped clients like Novartis realize high adoption, improved quality, cost savings and guaranteed satisfaction. Hiring managers, staffing firms, freelancers, independent contractors and SOW/Project based vendors participating in programs managed by PRO consistently cite the value of an integrated and purely vendor neutral MSP/VMS.

If you or a member of your team would benefit from further discussion on how PRO is helping companies implement winning contingent workforce management programs globally, please contact a PRO representative at 800.291.1099 or email at

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