Infographic: A Day in the Life of a Hiring Manager

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For many hiring managers, the average day is packed with activities that don’t necessarily involve managing their contingent workforce. This can make it difficult to find the time to effectively request and engage temporary resources. Regardless, there are activities that need to take place to ensure that their contingent workforce is operating optimally.

For starters, there are job slots to fill, which means creating new job requests, scheduling interviews, reviewing pay rates and comparing resumes.

In addition, there are existing engagements to manage. On any given day, workers are progressing through the onboarding process, timecards and expense reports must be approved, and worker feedback needs to be submitted.

To further complicate matters, the hiring manager will likely need to handle many of these tasks while away from his or her desk, which means interacting with mobile channels and platforms.

Hiring managers must also make sure they’re managing their workforce efficiently and driving cost savings wherever possible, which requires keeping an eye on overall trends across the workforce that can be mined for actionable insights.

To help understand the challenges the typical manager faces, we’ve created an infographic depicting a day in the life of a hiring manager and how Wand, our cutting-edge VMS (vendor management system), can help managers complete their tasks more quickly, easily and effectively.


Check out the full infographic and get ideas for how you might drive more contingent workforce management efficiency!

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