Infographic: How Millennials Are Changing the Workforce

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Ever since millennials surpassed Gen Xers two years ago as the largest generation at the workplace, businesses have been grappling with how to adjust. With millennials projected to dominate the workplace into the 2030s, it’s likely that companies will continue to shift their approach to better accommodate the preferences of this demographic.

Making sweeping generalization about a group is dangerous, but numerous polls and surveys have revealed that millennials possess an increased proclivity for flexibility and excitement when it comes to making career decisions. For highly skilled knowledge workers in this demographic, being a “free agent” who can move between jobs, take on new projects and work with different people has heightened appeal.

Many leading companies have recognized this shift and implemented new tactics to better hire, manage and engage these workers. Some have also started to give these professionals larger, more strategic roles in the company than temporary workers have had in the past.

As you’d expect from a group that came of age in the smartphone era, millennials also engage more with mobile devices than their predecessors. In fact, one study even concluded that millennials interact with their smartphones more than anything or anyone else – including co-workers, children and significant others.

To help businesses understand how millennials are impacting the workforce, PRO Unlimited created a new infographic that shares some of the most fascinating statistics regarding this demographic:

millennials in the workforce

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