Leveling the Contingent Workforce Management Playing Field

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We recently collaborated with HRO Today to develop a research paper titled, “Win the war for talent in the 21st century with a purely vendor-neutral and integrated contingent workforce Managed Services Program (MSP) and Vendor Management System (VMS) model.” As part of the research process, we spoke with a number of suppliers about their experience working with a “purely” vendor-neutral model. The feedback was amazing!   Here is what the CEOs from The Fountain Group and Zenith talent said:

“The Fountain Group placed a major focus on the vendor neutral VMS/MSP model in 2006. The concept of a having positions distributed/coordinated by an MSP from a client was embraced by leadership as the future of the Staffing Industry. The Fountain Group was met with many obstacles, with the largest issue being the need to decipher between “true” vendor neutral MSP programs and “labeled” vendor neutral programs. The Fountain Group experienced working with “labeled” vendor neutral programs many of which basically had hidden rules that negated the vendor neutrality of the program. We discovered in some instances that the MSP was owned or closely affiliated with a competing staffing firm which is a conflict of interest. The Fountain Group has learned to distinguish a “true” vendor neutral MSP through years of working with mostly all MSP in the industry. The Fountain Group can honestly state that PRO Unlimited is a “true” vendor neutral MSP from our participation on multiple clients programs and considers PRO Unlimited to be one of the premier providers in the Staffing Industry to date.” – Ben Rustarian CEO, The Fountain Group

“A vendor neutral program is a staffing supplier’s dream.  It allows us to focus on finding amazing talent instead of worrying about internal competition from an MSP. The benefits of a fully integrated solution deliver greater value to its ecosystem of clients, suppliers and workers.” – Sunil Bagai, CEO Zenith Talent Corporation

Always great to hear from our suppliers about their positives experiences! It is a true testament as to how a purely vendor-neutral model levels the contingent workforce management playing field for providing the best talent to clients worldwide.

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