Using Mobile VMS to Manage Contingent Workforce Engagements

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In today’s business world, things change quickly and the workforce is constantly on the go. In fact, 60 percent of workers say they use their mobile devices to do work after normal business hours. Within this landscape, having easy mobile access to a range of work tasks can increase agility and efficiency. For example, providing contingent workforce managers with the ability to review and approve change orders to projects and assignments on the fly, such as budget changes and extensions, can be critical to project success.

Likewise, having the ability to have full project and budget visibility from anywhere, any time so managers can view billing and fund depletion is critically important to keep engagements moving forward on budget and without costly delays. Furthermore, after a project or worker engagement is complete, the ability to provide worker feedback from a mobile device can be a huge efficiency advantage for busy managers looking to shorten their task lists.

To illustrate the importance of mobile VMS in managing existing contingent workforce engagements, consider a situation in which a vice president of marketing is traveling for business. She receives an engagement change request notification on her smartphone about a time-sensitive SOW project requiring additional funds. Rather than wait until she’s able to log into her VMS on a laptop, she’s able to approve the project extension and additional funds in real time. Put simply, mobile enables faster decision-making when managing existing engagements.

The PRO Unlimited Approach

In previous posts we discussed how our Wand Mobile VMS (vendor management system) enables users to review candidates, schedule interviews and execute contingent worker approvals (among many other uses). When it comes to managing existing contingent workforce engagements, the PRO Unlimited team designed Wand Mobile to enable faster execution across the board, including but not limited to:

  • Managing your task list: With Wand Mobile, you can swipe through pending actions right from the dashboard and see existing engagements that need your attention.
  • Reviewing existing engagements and requests: Easy access to “My Workers” and “My Projects” enables at-a-glance views of your contingent workers, SOW projects and days remaining for each. Tap on a worker or project to drill down into details such as description, location, supplier profile, and up-to-date spend and budget information.
  • Approving budget additions: Review fund requests from your smartphone and keep projects on track.
  • Signing off on engagement extensions: Push notifications alert you when a team member needs to extend a worker’s contract, and you can approve or reject right from the app.
  • Provide worker feedback: Ratings are a key source of future hiring intelligence, but it’s tough to set aside the time to execute. With Wand Mobile, you can review workers with a couple of quick taps and swipes when you’re on the go.

In addition, Wand Tablet gives users access to real-time spend analytics, including dollar spent per worker and month, overtime and SOW volume spend. This channel is another option if you need to access and generate spend reports, as well as exporting and sharing with other team members.

A recent Frost & Sullivan study revealed that respondents saw an average gain of almost an hour of productive work time as a result of their smartphone usage, and an average efficiency gain of 34 percent from incorporating mobile devices into their work lives. If you haven’t yet used mobile VMS to manage existing contingent workforce engagements, you might be missing an easy opportunity to drive better business results.

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