3 Decades of Contingent Workforce Management

While other contingent workforce management providers offer either stand-alone services or technology solutions, PRO Unlimited combines an integrated workforce management offering. This helps global enterprises to responsibly manage tax and benefit risks, get access to the best talent through a breadth of suppliers, and continuously improve business results.

An important aspect in this equation is the need for a purely vendor-neutral contingent workforce management approach. PRO pioneered this approach and then honed it over the past three decades. PRO serves as a client’s trusted advisor, focusing on managing their contingent labor program. The company also leverages suppliers based on the best talent and SOW projects at competitive market rates.

For further information about this unique model, read this fact sheet. It outlines the advantages of a purely vendor-neutral and integrated managed service provider (MSP) and vendor management system (VMS) approach.

The contingent workforce needs of an organization vary depending on its size, the number of contingent workers engaged, the amount of time the workers are engaged, and much more. As a result, a one-size-fits-all services approach does not work for every company. Indeed, not every organization needs, nor is ready, to engage a MSP to oversee all aspects of its contingent labor program. It is for this reason that PRO created three different service offerings:

MSP Services

Our MSP team provides strategic and consultative contingent workforce management recommendations and serves as an outsourced extension for HR and procurement functions.

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3rd-Party Payrolling

Through our industry leading 3rd-Party Payrolling services, PRO becomes the employer of record and assumes responsibility for worker benefits and risk management.

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Contractor Compliance

PRO provides guidance to ensure proper classification of 1099 / limited companies / self-employed / Ltd. and also manages the risks associated with co-employment.

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Services Procurement

Our solution provides 360-degree visibility into your external workforce and is tailored to your organization’s needs for strategic sourcing, contract management, resource tracking, digital transformation and spend analytics.

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