Closing in on the Oil & Gas Skills Gap with the Right MSP Partner

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In an ever-changing global landscape, the oil and gas industry’s growth creates significant challenges when it comes to planning for contingent talent, acquiring that talent, and managing it in a risk-averse, yet effective manner. Frequent turnover, project shifts and fluctuating market conditions leads to a lack of visibility that makes it easy to overlook additional problems – expired licensing, inaccurate labor rates, non-productive downtime, excessive overtime, etc.

Despite these challenges, the oil and gas industry is projected to generate nearly 2 million new jobs in the United States by 2035, but there are trends that could alter its course, including:

  • Cost savings potential with the introduction of new technologies
  • Planning for workforce needs with smart capital investments
  • Technology innovation is requiring more specialized skills and expertise
  • Sustainability is being prioritized as a key strategy

In addition to these trends, 40% of oil and gas professionals believe that a skills crisis is already here and companies looking to grow quickly and expand into new territories will have to navigate this skills gap to ensure their success. Companies are filling this skills gap with contingent labor resources, but managing these non-employees requires expertise that typically isn’t found internally. With a comprehensive Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution in place to take the reins for this nontraditional workforce, companies can observe up to 8-10% reduction in costs, better access to talent, increased innovation and more.

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