Why the Omnichannel Experience is a Contingent Workforce Game Changer

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PRO’s Director of Product Marketing, Brad Martin shares his thoughts with Spend Matters magazine on the importance of creating an omnichannel experience for the contingent workforce.   In the article, Brad highlights how the workforce has evolved in parallel with the technologies that support it. Today’s “mobile workforce” is growing exponentially. The rise in mobility demands that enterprise applications not only have a comprehensive mobile strategy, but also offer fully featured omnichannel experiences.

Brad highlights that like many other industries, mobility is penetrating the contingent workforce management space; specifically, vendor management systems (VMS). It’s important that VMS software is designed for an omnichannel experience. Why? The concept of an omnichannel VMS experience is simple, effective and required for the evolving workforce. Users can access and utilize all major functions of the VMS from any device (web, mobile, tablet, etc.). They can quickly review and approve timecards, expenses, and statement of work (SOW) billing among various other notifications and requests.

Ultimately, an omnichannel experience delivers the following the benefits: faster execution and faster decision-making

  • Faster execution can mean the difference between identifying, interviewing, and securing a highly sought-after candidate or losing her or him to the competition
  • Faster decision-making is important for many managers as it expedites processes

Mobility enables on-the-go managers to better manage their contingent workforce. In today’s contingent workforce space, these benefits represent the difference of winning or losing. Which side do you want to be on?

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