Is Now the Time to Partner with a MSP/VMS Provider?

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Mainstream news stories confirm that 2017 promises to be impacted by regulatory requirements with the looming repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), economic uncertainty and continued innovation; specifically affecting the contingent workforce. Companies that rely on contingent/temporary/freelance workers should consider whether the timing is right to partner with services/software providers who can help address the changing contingent workforce management landscape.

  • ACA: No matter what it is called, Congress may immediately repeal ACA. No one can be sure what this means to employers, but a repeal will introduce cost/compliance issues. POV: Partner with a provider that has an in-depth understanding of both the ACA, as well as worker classification guidelines including the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) and the IRS’ Categories of Evidence.
  • Statement of Work (SOW) Management: 2017 is likely to bring continued expansion of the use of SOW project-based labor, increasing the size of a blended workforce (FTEs, temps, contractors, project-based consultants, etc. POV: Explore solutions and partners that enable companies to gain complete control and hit key SOW project milestones while remaining in budget.
  • Private Talent Networks: Forward-looking companies are tapping into their employees’ networks to directly source professional contingent (temporary) talent. POV: Taking this approach will significantly reduce costs while maintaining high quality from contract workers who are pre-vetted or already known to the organization.
  • 1099 IC Compliance: Every year brings new bill proposals, threats of increased audits and countless white papers from legal experts urging 1099 compliance. 2017 will likely be another year of great change. POV: Collaborate with a provider that demonstrates deep expertise and robust tenure helping companies build and manage 1099 compliance programs (history matters with the IRS).
  • Omni-channel Platform: Organizations are optimizing their operations through cloud technology; specifically creating an omni-channel experience to untether managers and workers from their desks. POV: Leverage a Vendor Management System (VMS) with a comprehensive mobile platform; specifically a technology solution that can be executed from a smartphone, tablet, or wearable to increase productivity and flexibility.
  • Staffing Supplier Management: Effective supplier management produces cost-savings and significant competitive advantage in the war for top-tier talent. Common challenges include measuring performance and optimization of the supplier pool using deep data analytics. POV: Learn how a purely vendor-neutral, integrated Managed Services Program (MSP) and VMS provider can deliver all of the above, at no additional cost using a supplier funded model.

There are a number of contingent workforce services and technology solutions that can help your company confront these regulatory and changing environments to provide you with a competitive advantage.

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