Contingent Workforce Management: Peer-to-Peer Advice for Procurement Pros

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This marks the first post of a two-part blog discussion around contingent workforce management. Stay tuned for our second post the week of February 22nd.

Today, we have been invited to share our expertise with a panel of procurement executives at ProcureCon Indirect East 2016. Our very own, Mark Kozlowski, Senior Director, Client Solutions along with these procurement experts will exchange success stories on a number of contingent workforce management topics including:

  • Key risks associated with contingent labor
  • Cost-saving strategies for both new and mature programs
  • Access to higher quality resources
  • Visibility into the various external labor types

Beyond the fundamental topics above, there are many complexities and performance indicators of migrating towards a purely vendor-neutral and integrated Vendor Management Software (VMS) and Managed Services Program (MSP). Whether a company is looking at a solution for the first time or there is a need to fine-tune a mature program, success and failure in any of these four areas often impact a specific course of action.

If you are a seasoned procurement executive or fairly new to the space and would like to dive deeper into any of these topics, please register for a consultation and demo or please call us at  1-800-291-1099.

Also, feel free to check out the press release that announces our participation at ProcureCon. Don’t forget — stay tuned for the outcomes of the panel discussion next week!


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