The Power of Contingent Workforce Data Analytics

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PRO Unlimited’s VP of Strategy, Analytics and Metrics Dustin Burgess shares his expertise and views with HRO Today magazine on the contingent workforce industry; specifically around data analytics and metrics. He highlights how three organizations gained insight—and a competitive advantage—by executing a comprehensive analytics program.

Contingent Workforce Data Analytics

In the article titled, “The Power of Data,” Dustin references that in the world of human resources and talent acquisition, companies are using data to help drive decisions about where, when, who, and how to employ their temporary workers. However, even though organizations have access to more data than ever before, their ability to extract meaningful business insights is not keeping pace with its availability.

Now more than ever before, it is critical for organizations to identify individuals and key business partners within their organizations that have the ability and expertise to extract meaningful insights. An organization’s willingness and ability to do so could make the difference in the global war for talent.

Read the full article here along with how three organizations gained insight through a comprehensive contingent workforce analytics program.

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