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PRO continues its speaking tour this year on the topic of contingent workforce management. On April 20th in Orlando, Florida, our Business Intelligence (BI) and Client Solutions leaders will share expert insights at Sourcing Industry Group’s Global Executive Summit.

Our very own VP of Client Services Amy Bogan and VP of Strategy, Analytics, and Metrics Dustin Burgess will present contingent workforce management case studies focused on how Fortune 500 companies use data analytics and business intelligence to optimize their contingent workforce programs.

Additionally, Amy and Dustin will touch on a number of key contingent workforce management strategies including:

  • Unlocking contingent workforce management program data
  • Understanding how to blend historical and real-time contingent labor data
  • Distinguishing between descriptive analytics (reporting) and predictive analytics (forecasting)
  • Demystifying advanced data science for economic buyers and contingent workforce program users

If you are planning on attending the conference, please check out the session. We can also provide you with a copy of the presentation and/or a recorded summary by emailing us at

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