It takes diversity of all dimensions to create a truly global, transformative business. The united strength of unique qualities and individual characteristics amongst our employees, partners and clients drives our success. United we achieve more ⎼ together, we are truly unlimited.

“PRO is dedicated to furthering diversity and inclusion, working with many of the largest brands in the world to embed diversity and inclusion best practices into the contingent workforce.”

Kevin Akeroyd
Chief Executive Officer, PRO Unlimited

Cultural Inclusion

Powered by Stanford University Research

Inclusion is the key to enabling individuals and organizations to thrive, and developing cultural inclusion in the contingent workforce is foundational to sustainable success. As members of Stanford University’s WLIL Corporate Program, PRO’s inclusion services are powered by Stanford research.  

D&I Education

The PRO Solution includes on-demand content that covers topics such as unconscious bias, inclusion and belonging, and the importance of diversity in the workplace.

D&I Awareness Campaigns

Powered by Stanford University research, PRO awareness campaigns help raise awareness, combat biases and foster inclusion through informative facts, short videos and articles, and thought-provoking discussion starters.

Facilitated Community Circles

An inclusive environment is one in which people are treated equitably and with respect. PRO's Community Circles provide contingent workers with a forum in which they can voice concerns, receive support, and learn the principles and practices of allyship in a psychologically safe setting.

Workforce Diversity

At PRO, we believe that truly fundamental and measurable change in contingent workforce diversity can only be brought about by focusing on the representation of individuals from sourcing, candidacy to hiring.

Inclusive Hiring
  • Diversity Masking:  Through a powerful partnership with Eightfold.AI, PRO can offer diversity masking (blinded resumes) and the debiasing of job postings. 
  • Inclusive Job Descriptions:  PRO reviews job descriptions to highlight potentially biased or unbalanced words and language. 
  • Manager Education: PRO offers D&I toolkits, coaching and best practices to aid managers in blocking bias during the hiring process.
Targeted Sourcing
  • PRO can source candidates from underrepresented demographic identities directly through client-specific talent networks.
  • Utilize PRO’s unique vendor neutrality and deep supplier insights to source talent through leading diversity talent supplier networks.  
  • Use data to expand the talent pool with talent landscaping.
Diversity Representation Metrics
  • PRO sets goals and metrics to align with clients' company-wide D&I goals and identify the specific areas of need within their contingent workforce. 
  • PRO utilizes available external benchmarking data to make strategic hiring decisions. 
  • PRO uses innovative contingent workforce D&I analytics to gain insights on representation statistics and trends to focus investment where the need is greatest and amplify successes. 

Supplier Diversity

PRO’s model of leveraging a broad array of suppliers allows us to coach and lead our diverse supplier businesses to maximize their market share and drive impact to the worker level. We proudly host the industry’s longest-standing supplier diversity network, which includes 500+ diverse suppliers.

Supplier Mentoring

PRO facilitates forums for all suppliers to discuss candidate diversity and provides diverse suppliers with guidance on how to be even more successful. 

Diversity Impact

PRO works to understand how suppliers are investing in diversity, equity and inclusion. We partner with our clients to support and empower suppliers who are making an impact on the diversity and inclusion of the contingent workforce. 

Diversity Spend

PRO’s relationship with thousands of vendors assists clients with strategically increasing the pool of diverse vendors they work with by leveraging:

  • Diversity certificate tracking
  • Tracking and optimizing diversity spend  
  • Supplier diversity trends and benchmarks

Diversity Intelligence

The ability to track diversity data, trends, benchmarks and labor market availability and utilize it to draw actionable insights is key to measurable change. PRO’s Strategy, Analytics and Metrics (SAM) team provides clients with diversity dashboards to track their trends over time and draw key insights to inform their D&I strategy utilizing supplier, worker and candidate tracking data collected through our VMS, Wand. These data insights are essential for strategic investment decisions such as sourcing locations, pay equity, supplier focus and accountability. 

Labor Market Availability

PRO’s talent landscape tool helps clients to understand available talent by location. With the ability to readily measure talent pools by demographic group, education, occupation and location, we can source talent in locations that are higher in targeted demographic identities and skill sets.

Gain Actionable Insights

PRO utilizes the immense capabilities of our proprietary VMS, Wand, to evaluate representation data for suppliers, workers and candidates against relevant D&I indicators to develop a comprehensive D&I strategy for the contingent workforce.

"PRO is committed to working with some of the largest organizations to drive diversity and inclusion deep into their talent ecosystems."

Rashmi Gupta
Chief Human Resources Officer
PRO Unlimited

"Diversity and inclusion are a business imperative and a responsibility for the contingent workforce management industry. We are working not only to address unconscious bias in hiring practices, but also to foster inclusion in the contingent workforce."

Rebecca Perrault
Sr. Director, Diversity and Inclusion
PRO Unlimited

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