Trusted Managed Services Provider

Our vendor-neutral managed service provider (MSP) approach leverages a vast supplier network to source the best talent and statement-of-work (SOW) projects at competitive bill rates while managing compliance risks. Having worked with some of the largest global Fortune 500 brands in the marketplace, PRO Unlimited’s MSP team has the experience and expertise to architect and manage best-in-class contingent labor programs.

Key MSP Services

PRO’s team collaborates with our clients to manage the lifecycle of their global contingent workforce. Employing a purely vendor-neutral approach, PRO serves as an intermediary between suppliers and clients. This ensures that clients get top-quality talent at competitive market rates.

Business Outcomes

Enterprise clients of PRO achieve full appreciation and visibility into non-employee labor spend, risk, and management. PRO’s total talent management methodology gives clients the ability to make educated business decisions that result in cost savings and containment, risk management and mitigation, and improved talent quality.

Business Experts

The PRO team serves as a one-stop labor services portal that addresses all non-employee-related programs. Leveraging a breadth of business expertise, our consultants provide everything from extensive legal, finance, compliance, and practical guidance, to far-reaching knowledge of domestic and international tax and regulatory governance.

Multiple Sourcing Channels

Because PRO employs a purely vendor-neutral supplier management approach, our approach consists of a multichannel sourcing model. Clients are not constrained to use on-premise managed service programs; rather, they are able to leverage the full breadth of talent and SOW project sourcing options available in the marketplace. These include:

Staffing Suppliers: Several thousand now exist in PRO’s Staffing Supplier Network, and clients can work with their on-site team to determine which ones to include for bid on each talent and SOW project.

Self-Sourcing: Clients can opt to use self-sourced talent pool powered by Wand YourSource Talent Network technology, and managed by PRO consultants for private talent pools. These private talent pools include “known” workers such as former contractors and employees, retirees, among others.

SOW Suppliers: With significant labor costs and risk attached to them, growing numbers of organizations are embedding substantial portions of their SOW projects within their contingent workforce management programs. PRO recognized the importance of doing so more than a decade ago, and its team has worked with a long list of enterprise clients to integrate their global SOW projects and spend into their contingent workforce management programs.

Freelance Management Systems (FMS): Freelance marketplaces create public and private talent clouds to present both new opportunities and risks for those using them. PRO clients can choose to include their FMS deployments underneath the management of PRO’s team. This mitigates risk while optimizing the opportunities.

PRO Advisory Services

PRO Advisory Services provides consulting and guidance backed by over two decades of contingent workforce management experience. Our consultative approach includes a holistic evaluation of contingent workforce program spend and practices. This evaluation provides global enterprises with visibility into their contingent workforce spend and where it is going and moreover ways they can optimize it. The assessment conducted by PRO Advisory Services helps organizations answer questions such as:

Am I paying too much for temporary labor?

We provide Market Rate Guidance that gives enterprises visibility into their contingent labor spend. This includes: bill / pay rate analysis, supply / demand by local markets, data modeling, and job cataloging and leveling.

Is my program maximizing cost savings?

PRO Advisory Services will carry out a cost optimization and process evaluation through the use of cost saving initiatives and benchmarking and existing process review based on best practice recommendations.

Who is using contingent labor in my organization, and how?

PRO Advisory Services gives you visibility into your contingent labor spend through data analysis and business intelligence that includes key performance metrics and analytics, stakeholder identification, understanding turnover/retention, benchmarking, spend analytics, and more.

Do I have the right number of suppliers in the right areas for my program?

PRO Advisory Services can ensure that you are engaging the right suppliers in the right ways through Supplier Pool Harmonization. This includes supplier score carding, vendor tiering, supply pool optimization, and market-competitive pricing by skill.

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