The power of a consumerized,
cross-channel VMS

As the boundaries between B2C and B2B software applications disappear and users demand robust yet highly easy-to-use solutions in the enterprise, the importance of consumerized design and contextual decision-making has become a critical requirement for B2B SaaS solution providers.

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Native Apps for iOS and Android

Wand Mobile has been built from the ground up as a “true mobile” app that offers the rich user experience you’ve come to expect from top consumer apps today.

Manager and Worker Apps

Both the Manager and Worker app allow the user to carry out all of the major functions required, right from their iPhone or Android device.

SOW Project Management

“Intelligent” navigational guide takes managers through each of the steps required to create a new SOW project posting as well as the workflow for evaluating and comparing competing quote submissions and selecting and assigning the one of choice.

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